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The Silent Intruder


Release Date: 2024 

Genre: Thriller 

Script Writer: Kimberly Britt    

Producer: Modupe Fakorede

Director: Uyoyou Adia

Cast: Pere EgbiUche MontanaKachi Nnochiri

Synopsis:Catherine turns to Zaki, a charming yet troubled sex therapist, to help resolve the intimacy issues in her marriage. As she delves deeper into his alluring yet perilous world, she uncovers that Zaki’s charisma conceals a dark and obsessive nature. Her attempts to extricate herself reveal Zaki’s true psychopathic tendencies, turning her quest to save her marriage into a desperate fight for survival against his increasingly dangerous advances. This story highlights the dangers of confusing manipulation with affection and underscores the strength required to escape a predator’s grasp.

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